Medical Technology

Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)

The PCID iis the only powered unit available for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The mPCID features a touch screen controller to manage the custom-made handpiece. The handpiece are used in conjunction with our new serrounded punches, which are much sharper than any punch available. All craftsmanship is performed in the United States of America.

The touch screen allows for ramp-oscillation, oscillation, ramp-rotation, rotation, and roto-oscillation. The mPCID touch screen allows physicians to set precise extraction parameters quickly and easily with no knobs to turn. It is both patient and physician friendly.

Electric Chilling Device

The Electric Chilling Device allows for consistent and accurate control of tissue temperature and allows physicians to set a variety of temperatures in an effort to define the optimal temperature for survival.

CID-Counting Incision Device

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The Counting Incision Device (CID) allows the physician to accurately maintain the incision count during recipient site preparation. This new medical instrument is offered for sale from Cole Instruments.

* CID is reusable and comes in one unit - Blades and needles are not included and must be purchased separately. Select Blades and/or needles below and add to cart if needed.

Assist to Hairline Device

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Cole Instruments AHD is used to assist in the design of the hairline during hair transplant procedures.

* Reusable AHDs are available in 6/pack

HUVITZ Stereo Microscope

The new Huvitz H6 zoom stereomicroscope features:
– Zoom Optics of 0.67x to 4.5x
– Greenough design, 110mm WD
– 10x/22 Widefield Focusing Eyepieces
– Pole Stand with Coarse Focus Mount
– Modular design allows for a range of accessories
Superb optics in this price range!

Hair-Tech treatment chair for hair transplants

The Hair-Tech is a treatment chair specifically designed for hair transplants that features electric adjustments with a foot pedal and/or push button control unit, as well as a soft and extremely comfortable mattress lined with breathable material in order to ensure maximum patient comfort throughout the 5.7 hours necessary for the intervention.

The standard unit comes equipped with two types of interchangeable head rests, which have been specifically designed for use during the various transplant stages. The “Strip” headrest is designed for the extraction of the hair follicles, while the “Anto” headrest offers the patient the cervical support necessary for ensuring comfort and precision throughout the entire operation, without pressing against the extraction area (thanks to a support that's fully adjustable in three directions).